Writing practice

I’ve signed up for the How Writers Write Fiction 2015 online class from the University of Iowa. I’m taking the (generously provided) free version, which is essentially just “sitting in” on the class along with a number of people from The Toast, one of my favorite blogs/online communities.

I’ve been writing a ton since this spring. I’d started 2015 with a focus on drawing, and worked primarily on that for the first quarter of the year – did almost no writing at all. But then I saw Mad Max: Fury Road and was hit in the face by a truck convoy of inspiration and stopped drawing completely. Put down my pencil, picked up my pen.

I’m over 30k on one story and re-started up a Halloween story that I thought up years ago after attending a reading by one of my favorite horror authors, Caitlin Kiernan.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be fulfilling that New Years resolution of submitting something for publication – and there’s a surprise #notasurprise – but I am pleased with the consistent amount of words I’ve been churning out!


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