Book collecting

Can you be a writer without being a book lover? I feel like the two go without saying. Did a bit of writing this weekend, but mostly I cataloged our collection in LibraryThing and finally made it to 800 books. 802, to be precise.

I’d say I’ve cataloged slightly more than half all the books we own. It’s hard to say, since we still have some stuff at his folks’ and my folks’ houses.

I like LT a lot. It is sort of ugly and can be clunky, but the metadata it provides is fascinating. I love seeing our collection’s statistics.  Despite my active collecting of women authors, we have a ton more dudes in our library. The majority of it is fiction, bought used, and the cost is usually under $10 – We come home with boxes full of books from yard sales and library sales, which explains those two trends. I’ve started adding more in the tags, noting signatures, previous owners, bookplates and the ilk; as well as small press, first editions, and first printings. We have a fair amount of firsts and a fair amount of signed – Relatively minor authors, though I’m super proud of them all. Talking to authors is so nerve-wracking; I always blather and embarrass myself in my fangirling.


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