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Work anniversary

One year at my job! I entered into a career relatively late – bad economy, grad school, continuing bad economy – so I’m still a new-comer in my field, despite my age.  This one-year anniversary is a source of pride and relief. Stability, at long last!

Despite this full-time job, I’ve done more writing in this past year that I had during my long months of under/unemployment. All that time was spent in depression, and those hours at home were empty.

Here are some estimated word counts from March 2014 to March 2015, for things that I’ve finished or are close to finishing:

  • NaNo: 50,000
  • DA Big Bang: 30,000
  • Short story: 4,000
  • DA short story: 2,000

Short list, but I really limited the list; I have a number of Google docs for drabbles and I’ve almost filled my fiction notebook.  Can’t get word counts from my written notes, but for the stuff I have in Google:

  • 3,000
  • 3,000
  • 350

Eh, not amazing, but not bad either.


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More on resolutions

I swore that this year was going to be the year when I submitted a story to an agent or publisher. And so far I’ve barely touched any of my works-in-progress.

But I don’t consider this a total failure. Instead of writing, I’ve been regularly drawing.  When I was in college – or maybe the year after I graduated – I made the conscious choice to pursue writing over art. I’ve always been an amateur at both fields so this was more of a hobby-related decision than anything else, but I still made that choice.

Now, having already passed the cusp into my thirties, I’m really doubting that my writing has gotten substantial better. It has improved, but holy shit does it blow in comparison to my favorite writers. Hell, even my favorite fanfic writers.

So yeah, gonna try my hand at drawing for a while.

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