I want to be a writer and sit at the cool kid table!


I’ve had half-hearted delusions of grandeur for ages and my New Year’s resolutions usual include some sort of ambition of authorship, but besides doing NaNoWriMo and drabbling a few paragraphs of fanfic sporadically, I haven’t done much to accomplish any of my goals.  In fact, I started this blog last summer in hopes that I’d be writing about my novel attempt.  And clearly that went nowhere.

So here’s to giving it another go.  I love authors’ blogs, and while this is obviously counting chickens before they hatch, it’d be cool/sweet/epic to have a blog of posts describing my creative habits during the writing session.  And even if I don’t write – or do, but write too poorly for even vanity presses to consider publishing it – it’d still be a somewhat interesting blog.  There are tons of publications about striving against opposition toward success, but I can’t think of any about striving and failing.  Or striving and achieving mediocrity. I can be the first!

I’m ready.


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