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Chapter 3 – In which our hero meets her nemesis/buddy cop


SQ: Chapter Three

Word count: 1154

Working on: Shawnta’s made her way toward the water to meet with the witch of the city, who she believes she has to defeat in order to get back home.

Problems: Describing shit has never been my forte.  I prefer to describe around them, spiraling close by never actually getting to the point where I write what is happening/being seen.

Successes: I’m beginning to get a better sense of events in Shawnta’s childhood and how they’ve affected her current identity.

Sample: “It was a strange jewel in its setting of trash.  A perfect witch house.”


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My novel, my baby

My NaNoWriMo novel in 2009 was an urban YA fantasy set in modern day New York City.  The main character was a young Japanese-American girl who stumbled through the rabbit hole between reality and the spirit realm, and then had to collect four items to barter her way back to her home.

Ok idea?  Not particularly original, but it had elements that I liked, namely the relationship that main character formed with the girl who was supposed to be her adversary.  Like all my NaNo attempts, the writing was mind-blowingly awful.  I’ll blame that on the time constraints and not my intellectual ones.

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I want to be a writer and sit at the cool kid table!


I’ve had half-hearted delusions of grandeur for ages and my New Year’s resolutions usual include some sort of ambition of authorship, but besides doing NaNoWriMo and drabbling a few paragraphs of fanfic sporadically, I haven’t done much to accomplish any of my goals.  In fact, I started this blog last summer in hopes that I’d be writing about my novel attempt.  And clearly that went nowhere.

So here’s to giving it another go.  I love authors’ blogs, and while this is obviously counting chickens before they hatch, it’d be cool/sweet/epic to have a blog of posts describing my creative habits during the writing session.  And even if I don’t write – or do, but write too poorly for even vanity presses to consider publishing it – it’d still be a somewhat interesting blog.  There are tons of publications about striving against opposition toward success, but I can’t think of any about striving and failing.  Or striving and achieving mediocrity. I can be the first!

I’m ready.

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